Private Cloud Services

For the ultimate in convenience and portability, our cloud hosting service keeps your data on our server and synchronizes it with one or more remote computers, tablets and smartphones. Modify information on one machine and it is automatically updated on its peers.

Based on the Nextcloud synchronization system, you can also securely share files with others. Sharing is configurable, from read only to full read/write access to individual files or entire directories.

The standard Contacts and Calendar modules are able to synchronize your contacts and appointments across multiple devices also and may be shared with other users in read only or read/write mode.

Additional modules are also available. A full list of Nextcloud modules may be found here. More about how NextCloud works can be found on the Nextcloud website or here.

What Does Nextcloud Offer?

  • Similar to Carbonite, Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive & Microsoft OneDrive – it allows access to share files to and from multiple devices in multiple locations.
  • Share files, contacts and calendars with other NextCloud users.
  • Share files with non-users via secure web link. Shares can be restricted in several ways (time, access type, password protect).
  • In-place editing via web access of standard Office formats, including Microsoft Office/Libreoffice/Openoffice spreadsheets and documents and standard text documents.
  • Securely controls access by unauthorized parties.
  • Offers cloud hosting as an individual resource.
  • Open source, vetted, secure and highly functional – designed to synchronize remote machines with it’s repository of information.
  • Available through a standard web browser as well as native applications for Linux, Microsoft, OS X, IOS and Android.
  • Standard SSL connections on all of your transactions from sign-on until sign-off.
  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Compliant.

Hosted solutions or simply setup

You can use Daily Data’s service or, if you like the idea, but do not want to use our servers, we are happy to install NextCloud on your own server or private space. Due to the high resources and maintenance requirements, Nextcloud installation is not available on our shared hosting packages. Nextcloud is available with support from Daily Data, or with full Enterprise Support from the developers at