Disaster Planning: More than Backups

Disaster preparedness and contingency planning are familiar when it comes to safety for almost all of us in the form of fire drills and ‘in the event of an emergency’ broadcasts on TV and radio. But have you considered these things in relation to your business?

Stuff Happens

How long can your business survive if you lose access to the data you depend on to deliver results? How much of your business is dependent upon electricity and stable internet access? How protected is your essential equipment from natural disasters such as floods, tornadoes, or fires, or from man-made disasters such as theft of equipment, catastrophic employee error, or outright sabotage?

Is there an inventory of equipment you regularly use in case you need to replace or account for it? If your data needs to be replaced, do you have everything you need to access it? Do you need special software or equipment? If your original backups are damaged or lost, what solution do you have to get back up and running again? Do you have records of all necessary software licenses stored in case you need to reinstall those programs for any reason?

Want to hear more about specific cases? Here you are.

Be Ready.

Contact us today! Putting off your disaster planning until tomorrow is never a good idea. The sooner you get started, the sooner our team can help you protect the bottom line for your business. Call today!

Daily Data Disaster Survey

Daily Data offers comprehensive disaster planning for its clients.  Schedule a free consultation now to discuss your needs and what we can offer for you.

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