Backup Services

Backing up your data is critical to most situations. If your workstation or server is lost through theft, natural disaster or simple old age, replacing the actual computer is costly. Losing all your data can, in many cases, be a disaster.

Daily Data does not believe one type of backup service suits all needs. We have three basic backup packages to balance the competing factors of cost, convenience and security. And, if your needs do not fit into any of these categories, we will customize exactly what you need.

Our standard backup services are:

Each of these can be done using your equipment or ours, and the storage can be at our location or yours. The important thing is to have your data replicated in a second, geographically separated facility, whether it be a second office, a corporate officers home, or our secure, reliable Network Operations Center in Dallas, TX (US).

These options can also be combined and extended. For example, you might choose to use File Synchronization to real time synchronize your workstation files to your internal server, then use Offsite Secure backup to send that information to Daily Data’s backup servers.

Service Benefits Disadvantages Cost
Off-site Backup Services High security and monitoring by Daily Data staff. Your data is not accessible without help from Daily Data technicians. Price ranges from $15/mo for less than 5 Gigabytes to $180/mo for 500 Gigabytes. Larger storage available.
Owncloud File Synchronization Files available via web browser and can also be synchronized with multiple workstations. Access to files when not connected to the Internet, with automated synchronization the next time a connection becomes available. Access files from Android/Apple phones and tablets (native client) or even through a web browser. Additional tools such as contacts list and calendars available with sync tools for many systems. Lowest grade of security. If used for multi-workstation access, collision between file versions possible.  Prices range from $15/mo
Server Replication Full access to your designated agents, limited to your designated sources. Stable cost as your needs increase, Higher costs in equipment and recurring fees  Base cost of $75/mo + bandwidth usage + power requirements. Maintenance and equipment leasing if applicable.