Daily Data’s web and e-mail hosting is designed to meet your needs. Whether you need a small web site with few or no e-mail addresses, or a dedicated server fully customized to your requirements, we have an option for you.


Daily Data’s servers are set up in leased space at Z-Colo, a high end colocation facility in Dallas. With clean, consistent power and redundant network connections which automatically “fail over” in case of a fault, our servers guarantee your clients will reach your web site, and your e-mail will be sent and received reliably. Our goal is “5 nines” or 99.999% connection time. You won’t have to worry about lost sales due to network instability, or severe weather knocking your business offline and out of the competition.

Proactive measures are in place to prevent damage from fires and lightning strikes. On-site generators ensure that even when the city’s power grid goes down, your servers are still up and running, processing orders and keeping your business running smoothly.


When you choose Daily Data as your web hosting provider, you won’t have to worry that you’re sharing a server with a spam bot that will get your emails blacklisted by major service providers.  We’re careful about who we do business with so you can be sure that your email will be welcome wherever you send it.

We also react rapidly to any indication of spyware or warez being served from our clients web sites, keeping your web site(s) from being blacklisted because it shares an IP with a site that has been maliciously modified.


Our hosting plans start at just $120 per year and can be scaled upward as your business requires. Whether you need consumer or commercial shared hosting, a virtual private network, or a dedicated server, we have you covered at a price that won’t break the bank.


Choosing the right plan for your business doesn’t require tedious hours of research. We’ve spent years learning the business so you don’t have to.  Contact us today and we’ll help you figure out which hosting plan is right for your business and your budget.  Then we’ll work with you to get your files set up and ready to go.  It’s that easy.

Quick View

Service Traffic Storage Mail Accounts Recurring Fee Setup Fee
Consumer Shared Hosting 2Gb/mo 1G 5 $120/yr $50
Commercial Shared Hosting 20Gb/mo 10G 50 $20/mo $100
Virtual Private Server 1 Mb/s 95 percentile 50G * $75/mo $150
Co-Location 1Mb/s 95 Percentile * * $75/mo $250
Leased Dedicated Server 1Mb/s 95 Percentile * * $125/mo $500

*Virtual Private Server and Co-location are limited only by available disk space, memory and processor power.

Note: that maintenance on Virtual Private Servers and colocated machines (leased or yours) are not covered under these plans. Daily Data can provide reliable maintenance on your machines at very reasonable prices.

For an explanation of 95 Percentile, click here – Network Bandwidth vs Traffic