Consumer Shared Hosting

Our basic web hosting service, designed for the individual or small business. Many clients use this service when starting a new business, then upgrade to Commercial Shared hosting as their business grows. Designed to give you rapid, low cost hosting, while maintaining the reliability and quality of service of the Commercial package.

With 1 Gigabyte of storage, 5 e-mail accounts (or aliases), and up to 2 Gigabytes per month of network traffic, perfect for a smaller web site with a new business’ web site, or an individuals blog or photo gallery (or both).

Web Site

  • Up to 2 MariaDB Database (MySQL Enhanced)
  • 1 FTP accounts
  • Up to 5 Mail accounts, in any combination of Mail/Aliases and Forwarders.
  • PHP5 with Fast-CGI, CGI, ModPHP, SuPHP or PHP-FPM
  • SSI
  • Perl (upon request)
  • Ruby (upon request)
  • Python
  • Custom Error Documents
  • Protected Folders
  • Web Traffic via Control Panel and AWStats or Webalizer
  • webmail URL from your domain


  • Multi Level Spam and Virus Filtering
  • Whitelist
  • Blacklist
  • Bayesian Spam updating
  • Domain Alias
  • Fetchmail
  • Users can modify passwords and change their spam filter settings
  • Administrator can access any e-mail account
  • Auto-clean Trash, Junk, Spam and NotSpam folders of messages over 30 days old
  • Catch All e-mail address (if desired)
  • Roundcube and SquirrelMail webmail readers at yourdomain/webmail or yourdomain/squirrelmail


  • 7/24/365 Support Ticket support
  • No Phone Support

See Pricing for rates