E-Mail Alert

I apologize in advance, but this is Rod making the announcement. I’ll ask Cait to make this readable when she comes to work Monday.

Effective immediately (26 September 2020), Daily Data will no longer allow e-mail forwarders from our server to foreign mail services, especially gmail.com, outlook.com or hotmail.com e-mail accounts. This is where you have an e-mail account, say “me@example.com” which comes to the Daily Data server, but is immediately forwarded to a gmail, hotmail or outlook account.

Access via Daily Data webmail

Your e-mail can be accessed from https://dailydata.net/webmail. Use your full e-mail address for your username, and the password we have set as the password.

Access using an e-mail client

If you would prefer to use your account on your Android/iPhone, Outlook, Thunderbird or Mac Mail on your computer, or any other e-mail client, use the following to create your account:

  • Type: IMAP
  • Incoming Server: mail.dailydata.net
  • Username: your full e-mail account
  • Security: you may use SSL and/or TLS for security, Plain Password
  • Outgoing Server: smtp.dailydata.net
  • Username: your full e-mail account
  • Security: you may use SSL and/or TLS for security, Plain Password

Using a foreign service

It is possible to use your gmail account to check your e-mail account. It is also possible to do so from hotmail/outlook.com and, I believe, yahoo. We do not have information on how to set it up for anything but gmail, but the instructions should be similar.

If you wish to use their services, you must set up your gmail account to retrieve your e-mail from our server.

First, you will need your account password. You can contact your supervisor at your office (we will provide a list as we change over). If you like, you can get the password from us by calling 214.827.2170 and press ‘0’ for the duty technician. Our technicians are available 10am to 7pm every day of the week.

  1. Open your gmail account
  2. Click the gear in the upper right hand corner
  3. Select “See All Settings”
  4. Select Accounts and Imports tab
  5. Select Check mail from other accounts: Add a mail account
    1. Enter your Daily Data hosted e-mail account in first screen and click Next
    2. Select Import emails from my other account (POP3) and click Next
      1. Username: Your username is your full Daily Data e-mail address
      2. Password: Enter your password
      3. POP Server: mail.dailydata.net
      4. Port: 110
      5. Click Add Account
      6. DO NOT leave a copy of retrieved message on the server
    3. Select No, you do not want to send from this account

At this point, all mail currently in your account will be imported, and all new mail will be retrieved by Google into your gmail account


Google and Microsoft have changed the way they determine what are “bad” senders. For example, when your e-mail is relayed from our server to a gmail account, Google assumes it came from our server.

When you then clean out the spam, by moving it into your spam folder, or simply delete it without reading, gmail notices and decreases the reputation our mail server has. When you read an e-mail, gmail increases our reputation. Since most accounts get more spam than ham (real mail), our reputation with gmail has suffered to the point we were questionable to them.

After the recent spam wave sent by one our our users accounts, after their password was guessed. Google changed us from questionable to bad, resulting in all mail being blocked from their server. However, after we stopped the spam and cleaned up the account, we would normally have been rapidly returned to a “good” status if not for the fact we have been forwarding mail (including spam, apparently) for so many years.