About Us

Daily Data was founded in 1993 with a simple goal: we wanted to get paid for doing what we love most by helping other people to do what they love better. We get excited about things like networking, operating systems and processor speeds, but we know that for many business owners, those things weren’t exciting, they were terrifying.  We decided that if we could just take care of that part of things for business owners, those owners could focus on their passions and that would help them do whatever they were doing a whole lot better.

Early Mistakes

We have always relied on word-of-mouth advertising as the primary means of gaining new clients. We like working with people we know, and people who know us.  However, in the beginning of our business, we were too afraid of losing business to say “no”.  We took on any job our clients asked us to do, but that proved to be a mistake because eventually we were spreading ourselves too thin to do any of the jobs we were doing well.  That’s when we began narrowing our focus to the 7 areas we have now, lost our fears, and started referring people out when we realized it wasn’t a good fit.

Over 20 Years Later

It’s amazing to us, as we look back, to see all the changes that have come as technology has advanced.  However, a lot of things haven’t changed.  We’re still just as excited about gigabytes and processor speeds as we’ve ever been.  Designing and installing a new network makes us positively giddy.  We take pride in answering tough questions, or solving complex problems.  More than anything, though, we love knowing that what we do makes a difference to you.  We love knowing that we are a part of the story of your business success.

Looking Forward to the Future

The next chapter of Daily Data’s story is still being written, and we’re hoping to make it the best chapter yet.  If you’re interested in being part of it, we’d love to get together with you and find out whether our story and yours are headed in the same direction. If we can’t help you, we’ll happily refer you to someone who has the skills and the talents you need to take your business story any direction you want it to go.  It’s that simple. Contact us today and find out what we can do for you