Virtual Private Server

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) dedicates a “Virtual Server” to you and only you. With this, you are in complete control of what is installed and operational on your server. This can be used as a remote fiel server, a backup server, a gaming server and many other options. You can even add and resell web and e-mail hosting if you so desire, turning this cost center into a profit generating business.

To build a VPS, we set aside a part of our physical server(s) strictly for your purposes, using Xen to make it think it is an entire computer (called virtualization). This “computer” can have one of many different operating systems on it, and can be configured completely to your needs. We dedicate one CPU (brain), 1 Gigabyte of Memory, and 50 Gigabytes of disk space. With 1Mb/s 95 percentile, you can transfer approximately 300 Gigabytes of data each month without incurring additional charges.

Operating Systems

  • Most Unix Linux operating systems, including Linux
  • Microsoft Windows Workstations (Windows XP and later)
  • Microsoft Server 2003 and 2008 (Additional setup fee of $100 ($250 total))
  • All Microsoft operating systems require a license and, possibly, additional memory, CPU and disk space

Base Cost: $100/mo, with a $150 setup fee for Linux and Windows Workstation, $250 for Windows Server. Daily Data will perform a base operating system installation. If you prefer we will completely customize the server to your needs at a reasonable price. Contact Us for a firm quote.

Microsoft licensing for their operating systems are the responsibility of the client, and no work will be performed installing any proprietary operating system or application without the appropriate license.


  • Additional RAM
  • Additional Disk
  • Additional Bandwidth
  • Additional CPU
  • Maintenance and Management
  • Backup Service

For costs on these upgrades, see our Pricing web page.