Leased Dedicated Server

Daily Data provided server colocated at our leased cabinet at the CoreXChange Network Operations Center (NOC) in Dallas, Texas, US. This highly secure facility has fully redundant, high speed connections to the backbone of the Internet, constant air quality and temperature, UPS’s and fail over power generators, and physical security better than some military installations. Server is standard with 8 Gigabytes of RAM, and 1 Terabyte RAID-5 storage

We purchase high quality servers fromĀ  The Server Store (amongst others), and set up the operating system of your choice on it. Base installation of Debian Wheezy, with Apache2, Maria DB (MySQL successor), PHP, Perl, ProFTP and ssh is covered under the initial setup fee. Other options can be installed for a slightly higher rate (Contact Us for more information).

Your monthly fee includes:

  • Dedicated server with the following minimum specifications
    • 1 Terabyte RAID-5 storage
    • 4 CPU cores at 2+ Ghz
    • 8G RAM
  • 1 Mb/s 95 percentile
  • Rapid repair/replacement in case of hardware failure
  • Hardware monitoring by trained technicians
  • Server resource monitoring by trained technicians, with login available to you so you can see the trends and immediate usage


See Pricing for upgrade costs.


  • Software license purchase the responsibility of the client. Client maintains license
  • Client responsible for all bandwidth overages, thus a valid firewall and anti-virus should be installed on the server prior to installation.

See Pricing for rates