How Cloud Storage Works

Cloud based file storage allows you to access your data from any web browser, and also to synchronize it locally to most Personal Computers, smart phones and tablets.

A new account contains one folder for file storage, one calendar and one contact list, though you can create as many of these as suits your needs. You can add/edit/remove files, contacts and calendars as needed.

Natively link to devices

The true power comes from synchronizing your account with your personal devices. Install the app for your device (Windows, OS X, Linux, Android and IOS), then set up a link to one or more directories, calendars or contact lists on the server. You can set up 0 or more devices.

When the links are established, changes made on any device is updated to the server. Other devices then note the change and update themselves.

NOTE: Updating only occurs when an Internet connection is available to a particular device. If you change a file, but have no Internet access, the file will be updated the next time Internet access is detected.

Share with others

You can also have shared space for other users. You can give access to directories, calendars and contact lists to other users of this service, either read only, or with full read/write access. They can then view (or edit, if you choose) the information on their account, as if it were on their storage.

Finally, you can share files or directories with people who do not use this service. The system will create a link that you can send them through e-mail and, when they open that link in a browser, they have access to the files you shared. You can give them the ability to change files. You can also password protect the link, and set an expiration date if desired. Calendars can also be shared.

For some examples of how this can work for you, see this article