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5 Signs Your Business Needs a Network


If you have five or more employees who each need their own computer to do their work, it’s time for a network.  If you have files that need to be shared between employees, clients, supplies, or partners, you need a network.  If you have expensive software that each of your employees needs to be able to use at the same time, a network is for you.  If you or your employees could benefit from the ability to access files from places outside of the office, a network is the solution. If you have lost track of who has control over which important documents in your organization, it’s definitely time for a network

The Benefits of a Network

When you set up a network, all of your files and work software is stored on one main computer which operates as the server.  Everyone in the organization that you give permission can access these files, and the files are updated as they work on them.  This makes it easier for documents to be shared.  It also makes it cheaper for your organization to use the software, since you won’t have to buy it one workstation at a time but can often get purchase software licenses that allow all you to install it on the server for use by everyone, and these network licenses frequently run far cheaper than buying a single copy per workstation.  Plus, the server can be set up so that you and the staff or partners or clients you select can access it from any time or any place they happen to be, allowing work to continue after business hours or as needed. A network lets your business work smarter and harder.

It Starts with an On-Site Evaluation

If you’re considering setting up a network for your business, the first step is to contact us for an on-site evaluation.  We’ll assess how well your current technology is meeting your demands, build a customized network solution that fits your business needs and your budget, and even forecast areas for potential growth so you can plan ahead.

One Stop Shopping for Network Solutions

Daily Data provides the hardware, software, and expertise you need to plan, install, and secure your network once it’s set up.  We can help you maintain it so that it gets maximum shelf life, and we can provide technical support to your employees so any questions you have get answered right away.

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